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Corporate Responsibility

We believe that Corporate Responsibility should be integral to every person and deed. It has to be nurtured and realized by every employee, every day and in every way. This is why we have a long-term Corporate Responsibility Strategy in place that embraces all our sites and employees around the world.

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It really does not matter if you need one product or a hundred. Or if you’re after a standard off-the-shelf product or a highly customized, engineered solution. Our amazing breadth of products and solutions and technology resources means that the right solution is always never further away than your fingertips.


The greatest success comes from those who challenge themselves to think differently. At Golden Corporation, we keep pushing ourselves to go further, beyond the boundaries of today and into tomorrow.

Ali Karaja, CEO

Our use of technology, the imagination of our people, the diversity & inclusion of different talents & minds & our delight in achieving the extraordinary, keep us evolving. As we drive the change that will make for better solutions and customer experiences.

Ali Karaja, CEO

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